this blog is a rough draft

It goes against my grain to hang anything more personal than a url out there to flop around in public. So I made this blog to torture myself.  This thing could end up all red faced, sprawled, and stammering.

I heard this once, and I like the idea: “I am a peripheral visionary…I can see the future, but only way off to the side.”  So, I will write stuff here and some other time look to see what had to be born so damn funny looking and with the door wide open.

I am not clever enough to go straight at the big questions.  When I have tried, it feels like walking in a circle, in a loop drawn closed just slowly enough that I couldn’t remember whether any particular question had already been gone over.  The topic of “self” is a problem, for instance.  It’s a metronome, it’s a dog tied to a tree, wearing a rut in a circle and never noticing the only interesting thing in the scene: the tree. Better to just throw whatever shit is at hand until you can see your pattern in it and at least recognize the selfish or cruel parts. Doubt helps.

For me, there really aren’t any big burning questions, there is only an ocean of humble answers. Tiny, modest, salt diamonds are the truth dissolved in the tide.   That’s why curiosity is a self feeding fire and why chewing at the same questions over and over takes a kind of persistence I lack.

So this blog will be about small answers i always have found in roaming a long way from home. And art and writing.  And nerd stuff.  Also, booze.

image via Marke Johnson


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