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April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

The simplest explanation is usually right, and this is a great example :

To me, there are better explanations for the fact that “the more university education a person receives, the more likely he is to hold secular and left-wing views.” One is that people who attend college leave home. That is to say, they leave their church, the community incentives to attend it, and the watchful eye of parents who get angry or make them feel guilty when they don’t go to services or stray in their faith. Suddenly they’re surrounded by dorm mates of different faiths or no faith at all

I suspect this is also why religion has become such a fixture in the military.  it is, after all, the way a huge number of young men and women take their first steps away from their hometown and their families.

Here is another part of the argument.  I will hunt around for the third leg, which is, why there are so few religious/conservative scientists.

I don’t meant to make a pattern here, I think this is simply a lasting fetish of mine from U of Chicago in the days of Alan Bloom, but here is a good summary from Julian Sanchez of the debate on moral relativism vs objective moral truth.   It’s a very good defense of relativism.  Objective truth overlaps cultures and individuals, but is never really universal.  Which means that the trick is to find those points where there is already some agreement and fashion something that we can all live with.  The eternal dilemma.


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